Jen Delos Reyes

Lessons learned from designers.

10 points even further distilled from Andrew’s notes.

1. Know your Audience

  • Who’s the public{s}?

2. Collaboration 

  • You are never alone in the process.
  • Everything is collaborating.

3. Communication

  • It is not only the tool, but the final product.

4. Context

  • Know all the stuff about what you are working about, research.
  • Be obsessive.

5. Relationships

  • You need good relationships to do good work.

6. Implications

  • Your actions have reverberations.

7. Your Work Belongs in the world

  • Period.

8.Share Often

  • Circulating ideas makes them better.

9. Work Hard

  • Try many different directions at once.

10. Keep learning Keep making 

  • It is an iterative process.

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