Informed Consent

silhouette-interviewCollecting Oral Information

FIRST: Introduce yourself and the Project

When you approach an individual to be interviewed, it is important that you explain to them very clearly who you are, what the project is about, why you are doing it, and what will become of the materials. This is what we call informed consent and means that they understand what they are getting involved in.

TWO: The Levels of Consent

There are two ‘levels’ of consent that you need to have them agree to: can you record their interview and can you use their name in the final works.

If they agree to be interviewed, sometimes I go ahead with the interview and afterwards make all this clear as they are signing the Consent Form. Explain how you will use this recording (just for notes, for final project, etc.). Give the person the option to allow you to use their name or not use their name and remain anonymous in the final article or newscast.

THREE: Do the Interview

Jump right in to the interview. Put all your good questions to use!

FOUR: Sign the FORM

Ask them to sign the form. Discuss the levels of consent. If they do not want to sign, it is fine, but you will not be able to link their name with the information in any way.

Download this form, add your name and contact info and have it ready for the interviewee to sign!



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