Mining Ideas: Thought Sheet

You are creating an artwork that says something about yourself. You will be encouraged to use materials that reinforce that concept.

Begin now to evaluate the info that you produced during your four-day idea mining. Look over your charts, lay out your materials and research, sketch out or list anything that is not in front of you. Now….open your sketchbook and answer the following.

1. What was the most interesting thing that happened on your four-day practice? Did you discover something new? Remember something that was important to you? Try out a new way to work with a material? What is left after all that activity?

2. Using one or more full pages of your sketchbook, list, draw or chart out your most interesting ideas. What is poetic, beautiful, absurd, funny, smart, meaningful, surprising? What moves you? What says something about you in a new way?

3. Once you get them down, pick a few specific ideas and brainstorm how you might use them as a way to tell something about yourself. What do they make you think of? Do they trigger anything else that you are interested in exploring?

4. Now. Pick four of these specific concepts and match them to forms and materials that will help you tell your story.

Concepts Materials Forms

5. What tools and materials do you want to work with and what might you need to purchase or borrow for this project?

6. What will the work say about you? How will the audience understand that?

7. How might the work be presented? Will it be placed in the classroom on the wall, floor or table, will it hang or be installed on campus, viewed online, seen as a video, performed or enacted? What is the best way for the audience to experience the work?

8. What do you need to learn to take this idea further?

When you are finished with these steps begin to work on your proposal. See Proposal post to learn what all you will need to include.


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