Pick ONE assignment from below MAP, MEMORIAL, TOUR, or SOUVENIR.


-Brainstorm through quick drawings and idea mining techniques to give you some initial ideas for your project.

-Investigate 2 artists who relate to your ideas. Gather images of their work as well as any written text or videos that you can find.

-Create a series of drawings, some that take risks. Do at least one activity to collect more information about the site or content of your work. There is value in trying something new.

-Assemble your materials and begin your work. This will be a nearly three-week project, a long weekend of jump-starting research and your piece as well as two weeks of working.  It will be due on Monday October 31.

-before Monday, select and read a chapter of Georges Perec’s book Species of Spaces. It can be found on the colab site or here.

Come in on Monday the 24th with your project started, your research, your artist images in print and drawings. We will have a process crit, and you’ll need to show to the class as well as explain your research material including info about the two artists you selected. You will work in class on that Monday after the crit.


1. MAP

Create an artwork that uses the ideas of mapping to convey information. It must share a distinctly new point of view or bring light information either mundane or earth shattering. Remember that a map is a framework that allows us to see relationships.

Think about scale and dimension so that you push the idea of what we think of in terms of ‘map’. Select what you are mapping. Is it located in a place? Consider using installation, video, sculpture or low relief as a way of sharing and mapping information. If you are working on paper, question how your map is different from a travel map.

2.  MEMORIAL (pick either version a OR b)

a. Create a memorial to a place. This can be located on the site or reference it only. To begin, choose a site that has meaning to you or to a specific audience or choose a make-believe one. Think about what memorial means. What are you memorializing? A people? An event? An idea? A future hope?

b. Using a local site, create an artwork that gives yourself and/or others the opportunity to have a new relationship with the land, place or space. Think about the meaning of the place deeply. Why did you pick this spot? What happens here? What symbolically does it mean? Who uses the site. You might go back to the derive experience you had and use ideas and methods from that to develop a better understanding of the place. For your piece you are to create a new relationship or a memorial on the land. What can this relationship be? How can you make this powerful or spiritual or meaningful or silly or irreverent? Consider placing objects, doing a performance or projecting images. Please take care that you ask permission where needed and do not leave any materials on the site. You will need to think about how you will document or perform this for the class.


Create a tour for a place or a piece that involves walking. (performance, action, video) A tour lays out the information in a series of points. How might you tell a hidden story or share a new perspective about a place by using the framework of a tour or guide? How will you document or share this piece with the class or a wider audience?


Create a souvenir or series of souvenirs, a sacred object or relic for a place. If you make a series, think about what it means to have more than one. Consider what it might be like to give these away or show them on the site.


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