2 Collecting Fieldworks

In class we explored collections.

We asked what is a collection? How many makes a collection? Who collects? And when is a collection art? 

We looked at a number of artists who use collections as idea, inspiration, research, or material.

1. For homework, you were asked to collect 22-100 objects to form a collection. Your collection should be something that you like, but that does not have value that would deter you using them as art. They should not be one of your ‘real’ or existing collections. Objects can be large or small, but should hold together as a collection… similar but different. You can also explore non-objects, for example sounds or interviews or videos. Only two things that they cannot be: cigarette butts and garbage.

2. The following week we did an in-class ‘active assignment’. You were asked to take your collection out into the world in pairs. You were to look at where you are and playfully find different contexts to put your collection into… taking an interesting photo of at least 10 different contexts. When you returned to class you selected the top three and emailed those to me. We reviewed these in class to talk about context and meaning as well as to discuss documentation.


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