Zines at the Museum Assignment

Find one artist in the museum that is in your ‘family’. Look for someone whose work has a kinship with your own art, ideas, and direction. Find out as much as you can about this artist within the museum. Talk to docents, read cards, ask visitors. Try to find out all you can about this person and their work. Take notes, take pictures, do drawings. Notice the info that develops. Can you begin to find something interesting to share? What is your viewpoint?  Incorporate what you discovered into a small zine. Use your drawings, your photos and your writings and interviews. The purpose is to share as much as you can about the artist in your own original way.

How to make your original:

Look at the post for different methods to make a zine out of one piece of folded 8 ½ x 11 paper. You might want to play with the models for a 4 page, 8 page or other size zine. Create a cover, at least two internal pages, and a final page. Use pen, marker, a typewriter, collage, photos, text and drawing. You will be evaluated on the content, the originality, and the craftsmanship. Do not copy and paste info from online. This is to be an exercise in getting info in new or unexpected ways.

After you are finished, photocopy and fold 10 copies of it. Bring your copies to class on Monday November 21 and be ready to share what you learned. You may want to include the website of the artist on the zine.


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