Art Family Tree

Continuing the questions that we explored via the Zineum project: Who is in your ArtFamily Tree?

  1. Begin with a LIST. Begin your own exploration and family tree by making a list of all the artists you feel you have some kind of kinship. Maybe you understand or admire their perspective, or views on the world. Maybe you like the aesthetics of the work, or the materials they use to tell their stories. Do not think too much about why at this point, include those that may even be different from your current work, but that excite you.
  2. Now keeping in mind that unlike a traditional family tree, you can delete people, begin filling in the worksheet with those who are most important to you on the lowest part of the tree. Continue filling in names until you know no more names. You may find that you have to hand-draw your own or use another format.
  3. Continue adding and changing and making your tree more accurate for the next four years.

Here is the class worksheet, with another example below.



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