Beating the Bounds

The award-winning artist Grayson Perry asks whether it is really true that anything can be art. “We live in an age when many contemporary artists follow the example of Marcel Duchamp, who famously declared that a urinal was a work of art. It sometimes seems that anything qualifies, from a pile of sweets on a gallery floor to an Oscar-winning actress asleep in a box. How does the ordinary art lover decide?” BBC Reich Lecture website

Grayson Perry is an amazing thinker and artist of our time and through a series of lectures titled, Playing to the Gallery in 2013, he tackled difficult questions. The four lectures are without a doubt important listening for young artists (and everyone, really).

Listen to the lectures here:

The episode we discussed in class was:

Beating the Bounds:

Beating the Bounds transcript:

The featured images and the ones below are wonderful works by Grayson Perry made for the lectures on the BBC.

See more about them on the original site:





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