We continued our discussion today that started with What are the Bounds of Art? and Who is in my Art Family Tree? Now we ask What is my Art Manifesto?  

We looked at manifestos, especially shocking and seminal ones like the first one of the 20th century, the Futurists: (This is an image of the Anti-neutral Suit or Clothing manifesto, calling for people to not wear ‘static clothing’ as a part of the larger Futurist manifesto…. as well as a pro war position and anti-female stance.)


And listened to the Creative Time Summit’s lecture by Mierle Laderman Ukeles as she read her 1969 manifesto and understood how she has lived those words. See it again here:

And other important artists and movements:


Claus Oldenburg_0001.jpgwhy-cheap-art-manifesto.-001.jpgAnd some that are tongue-in-cheek (Grayson Perry):

tnr80e48biwepobcsild.jpgAnd defined what an art manifesto IS and DOES and why you might want to come up with one.

You then jumped into thinking about your own. Taking three sheets of paper, you responded to the following questions:

What are my beliefs?

What are my goals?

What do I know to be true (your ideas your wisdom your perspective!)?

Next circle the most important TO YOU things on each list… and turn those into a rough draft of a manifesto.

Think about the format… and the audience.

While many manifestos are written in groups and made public, yours can be used for just you, as a guiding light as you take this bumpy road of art-making.

Think about 30 year old Mierle. Can you now set a path for yourself that is as TRUE to your authentic-self?




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